Learn french in paris

In Paris, the Centre Formation Conseil Langues and Bruno Arène propose very personalised French courses, individual or in very small groups, in your work place or where you stay.


Each student is different

Indeed, each student has a different profil, a different level, a different way to study, different talents and aptitues, different schedules...

For all these reasons and many more, large group classes are often ill adapted to adults.



You will need a stuctured method with books and audio material that will allow you to work daily on a clear progam of repetitions, memorisations and exercises, both oral and written.

At this level, take the time to work a lot ! Only a regular and systematic work (seven days a week) will be your garanty for a quick start, and your best chance of success.



You can now express yourself and you are looking for more efficiency, more words, more expressions, more speed, subtler structures and a more efficient conjugation. You want to understand better, read faster, write...

In this phase of your studies, you need a teacher and a method in the same time pragmatic, flexible and creative.



It is the moment to work on all the aspects of the language : oral and written expression and comprehension.

You must consolidate more and more nuanced and refined structures you need for a real freedom of speech, and give yourself the means to automise all you have learnt and that is still too theoretical, what we call passive language.


The Centre Formation Conseil Langues (Center for language training and advises)

The Centre Formation Conseil Langues is here to advise and help you to conceave the best adapted training to your needs... private or small group classes in  Paris, residential immersions  in Normandy, distant learning tuitions via Skype... Which French studies approach for which levelHow to prepare the  DELF and the DALF ?...


Contact us at :

+33 6 82 31 87 68



Bruno Arène


Principal teacher of the Centre Formation Conseils Langues, Bruno Arène is a very experienced spécialist of French teaching to adults.


The Grammar Reflex is the fruit of many years of research, led in collaboration with his peers, but above all with his students, in order to give them solid grammar bases and, beyond   mere repetition, true  automatisms.

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