Intensive courses in Normandy

What is the special appeal of the residential immersion training courses in French proposed by the Centre Formation Conseils Langues?


  • These training courses are exclusive in that they are limited to a maximum of two to three students.
    In fact, this limit ensures that everyone participates fully in the activities, conversations, automatisation exercises, and active speaking sessions.

  •  For immersions from five days to two or three weeks, students are invited to share in the family life of the French teacher Bruno Arène, in the seclusion of his country house in Normandy, two hours from Paris, thirty minutes from the attractive harbour of Honfleur and forty minutes from the famous sea-side resort of Deauville.

  • This full immersion in the French language in the heart of France will allow you, from morning to evening, during the classes, of course; but also during breaks, meals, visits... throughout your stay, to speak nothing but French.

  • From an A2 levelthe themes of our sessions are varied (classical immersion in French learning, training sessions orientated more specifically towards grammar, conversation, French civilisation, preparation for exams, archéology, history, etc.) to offer each one his/her own approach to deepening one's knowledge of the language and of the country.
    Of course, each theme corresponds to a minimum level that can easily be determined before the actual immersion.



Far from touristic visits, guided tours, hotels and crowds, there are other ways of spending holidays and one's free time.

A residential, full immersion course is one of them. It will allow you to have a French experience and to dicover the country and its inhabitants from inside,while improving your French.

The Place


Built in 1632 by the monks of the abbey of "Les Préaux" and within the perimeter of a listed historical monument, The Chapelle Saint-Martin, this beautifull house will give you the very simple and authentical experience of historical and traditional France, in the heart of the luxuriant nature  of a small valley in Normandy.

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