Automatic response drills : the pillar of the "français réflexe" method

These are oral drills, obliging a student to reply faster and faster to questions, propositions and situations by using acquired structures.


They also allow:

  • The correction of pronunciation and intonation (exlamations, questions, ironic sentences, etc).
  • The manipulation of vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, structures, verbs, etc.
  • The creation of hundreds of situations of role play, to which the student must respond faster and faster and with more and more precision.


A study of object pronouns is used as an example here:

Following a simple explanation of direct object pronouns (me, te, le, la, nous, vous, les), the teacher proposes several automatic response drills in which the student must answer a great many questions faster and faster, by replacing objects by object pronouns.

These automatic response drills, when applied to everything studied in class (grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, syntaxes) change theoretical knowledge into active language and create real language reflexes.


A system of personal practice

Depending on their motivation and the time available, these automatic response drills offer students a true system for personal practice which allows them to accelerate their progress considerably outside the class situation.

This way « the Grammar Reflex » is a very efficient method toassimilate all structures of the language. It allows students to build on, organise and move around the different elements of language, by playing with them.

Automatisation, is the ability to respond very quickly to situations using the right vocabulary and structures.


Automisation exercises are also speed and concentration exercises.


Each question is a new situation to be understood and to which the student must respond... fastǃ

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