french levels

The common evaluation table used for languages in the European Union (see below) gives a general idea of the levels of competence of students in French.

In individual cases, this has to be refined by a more specific evaluation by the teacher.



Common levels of references of the CECR : auto-evaluation grid (UE)

Language registeries

All languages have at least three registers :

  • Familiar
  • Everyday
  • Formal


From level A1 to B2, the evaluation of your level is on everyday and formal languages.

From levels B2 to C2, all registers are taken into account.

Generally speaking, it is easier to understand a conversation in formal French than an informal exchange in a café or between friends joking or talking about everyday life's problems.

What do these words mean ?


  1. Le blé means money.
  2. Une godasse is a shoe.
  3. Une caisse is a car.
  4. Une bouffe is a meal.
  5. Pioncer is sleeping.
  6. Des fringues are clothes.
  7. C'est le pied ǃ means: it is greatǃ It is fantasticǃ
  8. Quelle galère ǃ means - It's very hardǃ It's a painǃ
  9. Un poulet is a cop, a policeman.
  10. Un clebs is a dog.
  11. Bosser means working.
  12. Se marrer means to laugh, to have fun.
  13. Un gosse is a child, un sale gosse is a spoiled brat.
  14. Une poire is a naïve person.
  15. Ringard means old fashioned, kitsch, corny, tacky.

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