Total immersion in French

The place of the immersion course

The photos on the sides show a studio where a student stays during the residential immersion course : the bedroom with an open view on the fields, the forest and the garden, the bathroom with a shower and the living room.

This very pleasant studio is situated on the ground floor of the house, within the family but private enough to provide a high level of personal independance.


Complete immersion

This immersion course will give you the opportunity to share the life of a French family (the teacher's), speaking only French, and thus contributing to your progress and the overall improvement of your performance in French.

Watching movies of varied dificulty (according to the students' level of attainment) is another way of absorbing expressions, rhythms, language registers, situations, civilisation, history, society, fashion, etc. efficiently.


A successful complete immersion course is the addition of activities, visits, exercises, conversations, games, contacts, discoveries that allows students to remain confidently reactive, alert and able to respond in French at any given moment, to any situation.

Share few days in the life of a French family, the teacher's, speak nothing but French, work on your specific needs to progress orally, in writing and understanding...


This is what the Centre Formation Conseils Langues offers you.

The place

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Bruno Arène +33 6 82 31 87 68